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Now more than ever it is becoming vital to have a website that is mobile friendly. Having a mobile friendly website means being able to target a larger segment of the market by providing mobile phone users with a website compatible with their device. However, there are more reasons to have a mobile friendly website than usability only. Statistics reveal that 55% of consumers use their mobile device to buy local products and services. Since Google indexes mobile websites separately, mobile websites will take precedence in searches performed by mobile users. In fact, you are actually reducing your change of appearing in mobile search results by not having a mobile phone compatible website.

Mobile media marketing is becoming one of the most popular advertising avenues for businesses because it is highly accessible, can target geographic markets, and is growing in popularity. In fact, a recent study has shown that should mobile web browsing continue to grow at the same rate it currently is, that mobile browsing will surpass desktop browsing as early as 2015. Let us show you how using a mobile friendly platform, custom apps, and SMS campaigns can help grow your customer base and your business.

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